Pinback Buttons

Buttons! Buttons! Buttons!My artwork is purchasable on pinback buttons (badges)! Each hand-made, high quality button is 1.25 inch (3.175 cm) in diameter and made to order featuring laser printed artwork of your choosing.

Each button costs $2 plus USPS shipping (large envelope). Purchase requires a valid PayPal account. Contact me for large volume discounts.

If you're interested, simply let me know your name, an email address where I can contact you, your zip code and country so I can estimate shipping, which artwork you'd like and how many of each. Artwork can be chosen by viewing my Instagram account. You can tell me the title of the artwork or include links to the Instagram post.

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Please note. Artwork with a solid color background completely surrounding the design works best. Artwork with text may be difficult to read. Square or rectangle artwork may not work well due to cropping or hard edges.
Button layout examples.
Above designs show the outer edge that wraps behind the button. The inner line is the safe margin. Anything past this line may be cropped.

Questions? Need more space to write what you're wanting? Don't want to use the form? No problem. You can contact me for any reason and it would be my pleasure to talk with you. Thanks!